Our Client Care and Quality Policy

Our Client Care and Quality Policy

Client Service Charter:

 1.1       Introduction

We are committed to delivering a service which will be seen by our clients at all times as being of a high standard.  Our objective is to maintain our reputation of offering a high quality service in all matters and everything the firm does.

1.2     Our Client Service Charter

1.2.a    Listening

  • We are committed to listening, understanding and helping achieve goals; and
  • We will ask what each client thinks about our service including using a client satisfaction survey.

1.2.b    Communication

  • We will avoid jargon and use Plain English;
  • We will communicate in the way the client prefers;
  • We will say at the outset how long we expect things to take and update that regularly;
  • We will respond or acknowledge receipt of all communications promptly, and wherever possible within one working day; and
  • If the issue is more urgent or we are told a response is needed by a particular deadline, we will endeavour to meet these requirements.

1.2.c    Looking after our clients

  • Each client is valued and important;
  • We will say who will be working with each client and give direct contact details;
  • We will say how to contact us out of hours, if necessary;
  • We are committed to excellent service that takes clients’ needs into account; and
  • We will be understanding, straight-forward and professional, including being friendly and approachable.

1.2.d    Fees

  • We will be open and transparent about our fees, providing fixed fees where possible;
  • Where not possible, we will give the best information we can on the likely total cost of each matter at the outset;
  • Should anything change, we will contact the client before we incur any additional costs; and
  • Any bill we send will be clear, describing the work done and amount charged.

1.2.e    Our people

  • Our firm is committed to ensuring that our clients are central to everything we do;
  • We will ensure our people are properly resourced and have the appropriate training;
  • We will take into account the needs, expectations and budget of the client when assigning the right person to a matter;
  • We are committed to providing a positive working environment;
  • Our firm is regularly audited to ensure we maintain the high standards required to maintain the quality marks we hold; and
  • We will check we are providing excellent service by mystery shopping and asking our clients what they think.

1.2.f     To provide an excellent service, we need our clients to

  • Tell us what their objectives are and be clear about their expectations;
  • Respond as soon as possible to any requests for information or documents;
  • Let us know straight away if anything changes;
  • Work with us to set and achieve realistic timescales;
  • Appreciate we have to follow a strict professional code of conduct;
  • Help us to keep working for them by paying our invoices on time; and
  • Let us know if we are not providing the service they expect.

1.2.g    If things go wrong

  • In the unlikely event of things going wrong, or a client being less than happy with our service, we need to be told immediately – we welcome feedback as it helps us provide a better service; and
  • If we cannot resolve the problem, we will say who to contact with any concerns.
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