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Mediation is a way of settling disputes without the delay, stress and expense of going to court. Our mediators can help to resolve any dispute no matter how complicated or bitterly fought.

We offer a solution to resolving disputes which is informal, cost effective, and quick. We can arrange mediations in a matter of days/weeks. Whilst a judge is limited to ruling on the law our specialist mediators can help the parties arrive at more wide ranging, creative and better solutions.

We take time to understand the real issues causing the dispute. As well as being sensitive to the emotional elements of any dispute we are very much alive to the practical and commercial realities. Our flexible approach can help to preserve business and family relationships despite the dispute. Using our skills and experience we will work tirelessly with the parties to try to find a resolution which everyone can live with.

Our trained mediators are experts in the various legal areas in which they practice. They will guide the parties through the mediation process to try to make it as straightforward as they can in the hope and expectation that it will be possible to reach a compromise acceptable to everyone.

We have a suite of comfortable rooms available for mediations ensuring that each party has their own space and can discuss any aspect of the dispute in complete confidence.

Almost any dispute is capable of being settled by mediation. Examples include:

Civil/Commercial Mediations
Building disputes
Commercial lease disputes
Company/shareholder disputes
Employment disputes
Residential landlord and tenant disputes
Neighbour disputes
Partnership disputes
Professional negligence claims
Trust disputes
Undue influence claims
Will disputes/Inheritance Act claims

Family Mediations
Divorce/separation/civil partnership disputes
Children and family financial disputes arising on relationship breakdown
Cohabitation disputes

We have particular experience however in the fields of inheritance and trust disputes, property matters and family/cohabitation disputes.