What fixtures and fittings are included in a house sale?

When you decide to buy or sell a house, there are many things that you need to give careful consideration to in advance. Two of the questions that I am frequently asked by my clients is, what fixtures and fittings are included in a house sale and whether the seller has the right to take the curtains or cooker with them when they leave? Items like these can be the subject of substantial debate between both buyers and sellers. Should they stay or should they go? So, what items are included in the sale of a house?

As a seller, you will probably have to leave certain beloved possessions behind. This could include the newly fitted kitchen you worked so hard to design exactly to your specification or the showpiece sunken bath in the master bathroom which has helped transform that part of the house into your own idyllic sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of family life. As we all know, life isn’t always straightforward.

So, what are fixtures and fittings?

As lawyers, we are required to ask a seller to complete a list of fixtures and fittings and all items that are included in the house sale. This list forms an important part of the contract for sale and informs the buyer exactly what fixtures and fittings are included in the house sale.

‘Fixtures’ are items that are literally fixed or attached to the property being sold, such as those kitchen units or the sunken bath mentioned earlier. In most circumstances, these have to remain.

‘Fittings’, however, are items that are fixed, but by their nature they can easily be removed without any real damage to the property. Pictures, bookshelves and curtains would all be good examples. Therefore, it is the seller’s discretion if the curtains and cooker are included in the sale of a house.

This is why the fixtures and fittings form must be completed with accuracy, care and a great deal of thought, as any disagreements will need to be ironed out throughout the course of the conveyancing process and certainly before contracts are exchanged.

So it’s really quite clear cut then?

Not always. Even after 35 years, I still find it fascinating to see how the debate over what fixtures and fittings are included in a house sale can evolve and not everything is as clear cut as you might think. For example, a seller could be justified in removing a freestanding electric double oven with an integrated hob that slots in and out of the kitchen space easily.  But what about a more permanent cooking feature, such as an AGA, which a buyer is probably paying a premium for as part of the purchase price? It is really important that buyers proceed with caution and try, as far as possible, to ensure that everything they expect to get as part of the purchase of the property will be left behind on completion day.

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Debbie Beswick

Partner, Residential Property

Debbie, who is a Partner, specialises in residential property. After joining Hart Brown in 1984 she quickly progressed through the ranks qualifying as a Legal...

Partner, Residential Property

Debbie Beswick

Debbie, who is a Partner, specialises in residential property. After joining Hart Brown in 1984 she quickly progressed through the ranks qualifying as a Legal Executive in 1996. She was admitted to the Fellowship in 1997. Debbie is well known in the Godalming area and receives high praise both from clients and agents who come back to her time and time again.

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