In Need of a Facelift!

Eligible projects in the Elmbridge area could qualify for a grant of up to 90% of the project costs.

Individual businesses, business groups, trade associations, chambers of commerce and community groups can all apply for grants to improve business premises. Priority is given to projects that will enhance the area, are likely to attract business and where the improvement will be long-lasting.  This can include restoring or replacing shop fronts.

Whilst this would not cover routine maintenance, such as painting, it would include: cleaning the brickwork or stonework; restoring traditional detailing; restoring or replacing joinery, iron and stonework; new shop fronts or fascias, removal of redundant features, structural improvements and the enhancement of private forecourts. Some security measures also qualify (e.g. the installation of strengthened glass).

Any works that have an on-going cost, that were started before a grant is offered or are items of routine maintenance would not be covered by the grant.

Where property is let, any changes to the shop front would usually require Landlord’s consent. This should be applied for in good time.  It is normal practice for the tenant to cover the Landlord’s costs.  This will include legal and surveying fees.

Applications to Elmbridge Borough Council will be individually assessed. There is no right of appeal so it is important to include as much information and supporting evidence with the application as possible.  At the very least, this should include 3 quotes, a photograph of the existing shop front and confirmation as to whether or not planning permission will be needed.

The grant will not be back-dated so no works should be started until the Council’s decision has been received.


Tamzin Mandelli

Partner, Commercial Property

Prior to joining Hart Brown, Tamzin had worked for a local authority, for both regional and national firms, and she had managed her own firm....

Partner, Commercial Property

Tamzin Mandelli

Prior to joining Hart Brown, Tamzin had worked for a local authority, for both regional and national firms, and she had managed her own firm.

Tamzin is a Partner with over 20 years' experience and she is based at our Woking office. Tamzin specialises in all aspects of commercial property including the sale and purchase of shops, offices and restaurants, landlord and tenant matters (from granting the new lease, through to the various licences for works, transfers and so on) and dealing with the eventual termination of a lease. She is also experienced at dealing with development work including option agreements and acquisitions.

Her most memorable case was the lease of some advertising space – for a well known electronics company in Leicester Square!