Neighbour disputes – what exactly are they?

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Disputes between neighbours can be difficult to deal with. They can often be fuelled with emotions and based on staunch principles. One of the key things to remember is that you have to continue to live next door to your neighbour, so if you are able to maintain an amicable relationship it will make disputes much easier to tackle. Settlement discussions are a prime example of how to do this. Not only will an out of court settlement result in both parties agreeing to a resolution, rather than one being imposed on the parties, but it could also help avoid unnecessarily high legal fees.

Neighbour disputes can arise in many forms:

  • Trespass: if a neighbour or a neighbour’s property is entering your land without permission, for example, overhanging trees or hedges.
  • Nuisance: if a neighbour is doing something which affects your quiet enjoyment of your property, for example, excessive noise or anti-social behaviour.
  • Right of way disputes: if your neighbour is disputing a right of way or blocking all or part of your right of way, for example, by building over land which you have a right of way over.
  • Boundary disputes: if you or your neighbour cannot agree about where a boundary should be, or there is a dispute as to ownership of land, for example, when a fence or hedge is  placed on the incorrect boundary line.

We can assist with attempting to reach a settlement with your neighbour before court action is commenced. We will assess your case and advise on the best way forward for your particular dispute, whether that involves written settlement discussions, a round table meeting or something slightly more formal like mediation. If court proceedings are necessary, then our litigation team can assist with bringing or defending your claim.

If you would like advice on a neighbour dispute then please contact Lucy Penfold in our dispute resolution team on 01483 887766, email or start a live chat today.

*This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.


Lucy Penfold

Senior Solicitor, Dispute Resolution

Lucy is a Senior Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution team here at Hart Brown and specialises in property litigation and contentious trusts and probate. Lucy...

Lucy-Senior Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution

Senior Solicitor, Dispute Resolution

Lucy Penfold

Lucy is a Senior Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution team here at Hart Brown and specialises in property litigation and contentious trusts and probate.

Lucy completed her law degree at Kingston University before completing the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Guildford (now the University of Law). Lucy qualified in 2012 and brings with her general commercial litigation experience from Central London and Surrey law firms.

A member of the Property Litigation Association, Lucy deals with all areas of property litigation including varied landlord and tenant disputes, evictions, neighbour disputes, boundary disputes, commercial property disputes, property disrepairs and dilapidations.

Lucy also deals with various contentious probate matters, including interpreting the terms of wills, brining or defending claims to contest wills or trusts, and executor removal disputes.

Lucy’s general commercial litigation experience allows her to have a pragmatic and commercial approach to any legal issue faced.

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