Common myths about inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax planning is a crucial aspect of financial management, yet it is often shrouded in misconceptions and myths. Now is an opportune time to...

Louise Harrhy

Partner, Head of Trusts & Estates
Commercial & Corporate | 22nd February 2024

Court clash over whether a location is a singular destination

The city of Cambridge is renowned around the world.  It is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities; it is the place...

Nigel Maud

Partner, Commercial & Corporate, COLP
Commercial Property News | 20th February 2024

Interest Rates: stick, track or twist?

Roughly every 6 weeks, there is baited breath as another interest rate announcement is made by the Bank of England.  As with residential mortgages, the...

Tamzin Mandelli

Partner, Commercial Property
Dispute Resolution News, Employment | 14th February 2024

Why flexibility and rigid rules won’t mix in the workplace

An employment tribunal ruling against a request for home working does not open the way to enforced attendance by employers looking to get staff back...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution & Accredited Mediator
Commercial & Corporate | 25th January 2024

New transparency rules to keep companies squeaky clean

Company directors, people with significant control of a company, or anyone who files on behalf of a company, must ensure they comply with new transparency...

James Lamont

Partner, Head of Commercial & Corporate
Employment | 23rd January 2024

Legal considerations every employer should know when working with freelancers

In today's evolving job market, more and more professionals are opting for freelance work rather than traditional employment. This shift has prompted businesses to adapt...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution & Accredited Mediator

Why everyone needs a will

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to put off important tasks, and writing a will is often one of them. However, having a will is...

Louise Harrhy

Partner, Head of Trusts & Estates
Residential Property | 5th January 2024

Eight things to remember when you are selling a house

Selling a house can be daunting, and many legal considerations need to be taken into account to ensure a smooth and successful sale, such as...

Lawrence Stolworthy

Partner, Head of Residential Property
Family | 18th December 2023

Supporting rocky relationships through the hard times

The family-focus of Christmas is often followed in January with news of unhappy couples ending their relationship, leading to so-called Divorce Day, as family lawyers...

Sharon Powell

Partner, Head of Family
News | 12th December 2023

‘Property Law Firm of the Year’ winners!

The Surrey Property Awards are held every year and this year on 30th November, representatives from law firms, residential and commercial estate agents, surveyors and...

Elizabeth Larkin

Marketing Manager