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Dispute Resolution | 11th June 2018

Putting on the brakes: decelerating the accelerated possession procedure

On 6 June 2018 Simon Wood, a barrister in the Hart Brown Dispute Resolution department, presented a paper at the RICS Regional Conference for the...

Simon Wood

Barrister, Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 30th April 2018

You should have sued us just around midnight!

When a cause of action arises during the course of a day, e.g. the occurrence of a car accident, that day is disregarded for limitation...

Paul Grimwood

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 17th April 2018

On the one hand…on the other hand…

Lawyers, other than those at Hart Brown of course, are not infrequently criticised for sitting on the fence in terms of giving legal advice. Bearing...

Paul Grimwood

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 19th March 2018

Don’t knock on wood

Flat-owners should be very wary of dispensing with their carpets as a recent case decided in the Central London County Court illustrates. Mrs Fouladi sued...

Simon Wood

Barrister, Dispute Resolution

Stacking the Deck – Again! Further cost obstacles for claimants

In June this year my blog “Justice for All?” looked at how changes to the costs rules since April 2013 had benefitted Defendants at the...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Dispute Resolution | 29th August 2017

Mirror, mirror on the wills

It is often said that everyone is free to change their wills right up until the day they die, but as a recent case has...

Paul Grimwood

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 14th August 2017

Ground Rents: Grounds for Professional Negligence

There has been a considerable amount of recent press coverage regarding the sale of new-build leasehold properties following the launch of the government’s consultation paper,...

Simon Wood

Barrister, Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 7th August 2017

The Strange World Of Inheritance Act Claims By Estranged Children

Following the well-publicised decision of the Supreme Court in Ilott – v – The Blue Cross and Others earlier this year lawyers dealing with Inheritance...

Paul Grimwood

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution | 1st August 2017

Negotiation or Mediation? The Brexit Dimension

I have been doing litigation since qualification in 1987. In the old days, suggesting to the other side that you wanted to have a discussion...

Paul Grimwood

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution, Employment | 20th July 2017

BBC pay – Mind the Gender Pay Gap

On the radio this morning, Chris Evans in response to the backlash regarding the publication of the salaries of BBC stars said he is carrying...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution

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