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Personal Injury | 30th March 2021

Can I make a claim for a slip, trip or...

During the colder months, slips and trips are common but they can happen at any time. Inclement weather can make many everyday places treacherous -...

Mark Wisby

Associate, Clinical Negligence
Personal Injury | 21st September 2020

5 Steps to Making a Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered an injury and someone else was at least partially to blame, you could make a personal injury claim. Making a personal...

Mark Wisby

Associate, Clinical Negligence

What Can A Solicitor Do To Minimise The Stress Of...

Have you noticed how life seems to be getting busier and busier? My children are growing older and I often reflect how I have less...

Mark Wisby

Associate, Clinical Negligence
Personal Injury | 10th November 2018

A Quick Guide to Personal Injury Trusts

One of the more structured ways of ensuring a recipient is able to manage their inheritance properly is to put it into a trust. For...

Mark Wisby

Associate, Clinical Negligence
Personal Injury | 3rd August 2017

Holidays: What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

You’re all packed and ready to go, you’ve actually remembered the passport and the tickets, and everyone’s looking forward to a great holiday. The one...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury | 28th February 2017

Shock horror! Justice for claimants after all

Congratulations to the Lord Chancellor, Elizabeth Truss, for (a) doing the right thing and (b) for leaving many claimants’ lawyers stunned. Today (27.02.17), the Lord...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Playing Games with Peoples’ Lives

Is it any wonder that many people view statements by politicians with scepticism? “Say one thing and do the other” syndrome is alive and well...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury | 1st September 2016

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Compensation for personal injury is a restorative remedy, the purpose of which is to put the injured party back in the position they were (as...

Emily Phelan

Paralegal, Dispute Resolution

Hiding your Guilt behind a Fig Leaf?

Within the last week the Supreme Court has considered a Scottish case relating to the contents of Section 1 (1) of the Employers Liability (Compulsory...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution & Accredited Mediator

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