Dispute Resolution | 30th April 2018

You should have sued us just around midnight!

When a cause of action arises during the course of a day, e.g. the occurrence of a car accident, that day is disregarded for limitation...

Paul Grimwood

Partner & Accredited Mediator

Playing Games with Peoples’ Lives

Is it any wonder that many people view statements by politicians with scepticism? “Say one thing and do the other” syndrome is alive and well...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Dispute Resolution | 15th July 2016

Slow Train Coming

When in 2010 the then government passed the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act, which was intended to replace the 1930 statute of the same...

Paul Grimwood

Partner & Accredited Mediator
Clinical Negligence | 3rd June 2016

Justice for All? Compensation for claimants

“In a civil court case the claimant who succeeds against a defendant will receive, where appropriate, an award of compensation and the loser will pay...

Isabel Hodgson

Legal Executive, Trusts & Estates