Personal Injury | 11th May 2021

Can I claim compensation after a crash caused by a...

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, we understand how much of an effect it may have had on your life and...

Gerard Sanders

Partner, Head of Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence
Personal Injury | 3rd August 2017

Holidays: What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

You’re all packed and ready to go, you’ve actually remembered the passport and the tickets, and everyone’s looking forward to a great holiday. The one...

Isabel Bathurst

Associate, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury | 1st September 2016

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Compensation for personal injury is a restorative remedy, the purpose of which is to put the injured party back in the position they were (as...

Emily Phelan

Paralegal, Dispute Resolution
Personal Injury | 12th May 2016

Guests Enter at their Own Risk!

Perhaps the traditional “welcome mat” at your front door should be replaced with a mat stating “guests enter at their own risk”. Why you may...

Emily Phelan

Paralegal, Dispute Resolution