Family | 8th October 2018

Cohabitation, civil partnerships and marriage – the choice is now...

Last week, the Government announced that it intends to allow heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships. This decision was no doubt taken in the...

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Family | 6th July 2018

Cohabitation, civil partnerships and marriage – the choice is yours?

Last week, five judges of the Supreme Court decided unanimously that the current law regarding civil partnerships is not in line with the European Convention...

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Commercial Property | 23rd December 2015

Supreme Court: Marks and Spencer £1.1m rent claim decision

Marks and Spencer Plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Limited The eagerly awaited Supreme Court judgment in the dispute between M&S and...

Anne Bridger

Senior Solicitor, Commercial Property
Family | 14th October 2015

Fraud unravels all

Family lawyers will today be breathing a sigh of relief for their clients that the highest court in the land has today ruled that there...

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Dispute Resolution | 23rd July 2015

Can it be illegal to comply with the law of...

Sounds like a barmy question don't you think? Well, if you wanted another example of how complicated modern life is becoming then one needs to...

Paul Grimwood

Partner & Accredited Mediator