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Employment | 7th August 2018

GDPR – How are businesses coping?

Now that GDPR has been in force for a number of months, we thought it was time to take a look at how it’s affecting...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 23rd July 2018

Working temperatures – when is it too hot to work?

The heatwave of summer 2018 is already being compared with the long, hot scorcher of 1976. Records have been broken across the UK, the words...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 11th June 2018

Employers must tackle their game plan before kick-off 

With the 2018 World Cup about to kick-off in Moscow, football fans will have their eye on the ball, whether for England or their home...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 5th June 2018

How could the re-nationalisation of private sector industry affect jobs?

With the recent news that East Coast railway services have been re-nationalised, there has also been a resurgence of interest in the nationalisation of the...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 20th April 2018

Dealing with employee theft

According to a poll commissioned by office-furniture supplier Kit Out My Office, more than two-thirds of UK office workers have admitted to stealing from their...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 3rd April 2018

Voluntary workers: Their rights and your responsibilities as an employer

A volunteer is anyone who carries out unpaid work for a charity, fundraising body or voluntary organisation. If you hire volunteers to work for your...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 14th March 2018

Firefighter ruling sparks new heat for employers

The standby arrangements for Belgium’s volunteer firefighters are set to cause new headaches for employers with workers who are paid flat rates for time on-call...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 19th February 2018

100 years on – Tips for employees to resolve issues...

It is the 100th year anniversary since women fought for the right to vote and they did literally fight for this right often having to...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Employment | 13th February 2018

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Women are being asked to share their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace and public places as part of a government initiative. This is...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution, Employment | 20th July 2017

BBC pay – Mind the Gender Pay Gap

On the radio this morning, Chris Evans in response to the backlash regarding the publication of the salaries of BBC stars said he is carrying...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Dispute Resolution

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