Residential Property | 19th December 2019

What fixtures and fittings are included in a house sale?

When you decide to buy or sell a house, there are many things that you need to give careful consideration to in advance. Two of...

Debbie Beswick

Partner, Residential Property
Leasehold Enfranchisement | 6th September 2019

Is Commonhold for the common good?

Commonhold is receiving a lot of attention due to the recent Law Commission paper on resurrecting this process. This is part of a long (and...

Sarah Osborne

Partner, Head of Leasehold Enfranchisement
Residential Property | 30th October 2017

The mortgage debate: the late 2000’s all over again?

Mortgage deals: a return to the late 2000s? The great mortgage debate of the day arises yet again, are we to see a repeat of...

David Knapp

Partner, Residential Property
Residential Property | 27th July 2017

How to Speed Up the Conveyancing Process

Describing the current housing market as ‘soft’ is a polite way to say it’s tough out there. Belts are tightening, mortgage lenders are asking a...

David Knapp

Partner, Residential Property
Residential Property | 20th May 2016

When is the best time to sell your home?

When you come to sell your home, it's important to have an expert on board to make sure the whole process runs smoothly and that...

David Knapp

Partner, Residential Property
Residential Property | 16th December 2015

Land Registry Property Alert

A timely reminder on the very real threat of property fraud from an article in the Daily Mail at the weekend. This features Max Hastings...

Emma Moore

Partner, Residential Property
Residential Property | 25th September 2015

Builders and Developers – VAT Zero Rating of Residential Property...

A developer thought that he had constructed a new dwelling and that the sale of it was a zero rated supply so that the input...

Roderick Campbell

Partner, Head of Commercial Property