News | 1st July 2021

Social media and the law: 6 things you need to...

The world of social media can often seem like the wild west of the internet. Everyone has simple access to an audience and can share...

Elizabeth Larkin

Marketing Manager

What Happens To Your Digital Assets When You Die?

With the huge rise in social media sites, and the storing of personal effects such as photographs, music, and blogs digitally, it is important to...

Sue Macleod

Associate, Trusts & Estates
Family | 5th March 2018

The Digital Age Of Divorce

Facebook has approximately 32 million users in the UK. It has made connecting with new and old friends around the world easy, but should it...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Employment | 5th April 2017

Facing up to the social media challenge for business

Every business using social media should get to grips with publishing law and advertising regulations if they are to avoid reputation-damaging incidents. The reminder follows...

Jane Crosby

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution & Accredited Mediator