Family | 9th February 2018

The names of both parents on marriage documentation

  When a divorce petition is sent to court, one of the requirements is to include a certified copy of the marriage certificate. For a...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family | 11th December 2017


The majority of cases we handle are settled by agreement. Before agreement can be reached, there must be disclosure and this invariably means both parties...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family | 13th November 2017

Experts, who needs them? A Family solicitor’s view on pensions,...

“People in this country have had enough of experts” – this was the comment reportedly made by Michael Gove, MP in June of last year....

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Family | 1st November 2017

Family finances make divorce negotiations increasingly complex

Divorce rates are on the rise, according to the latest statistics, and with the increase in the value of family assets, couples should do more...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family | 16th August 2017

I’m in a failing marriage, get me out of here!

Two recent developments in divorce could result in people finding it more acrimonious and expensive to untie the knot. Whilst the law still requires one...

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Family | 1st August 2017

How to Behave in Front of Children During a Divorce

During a divorce, the priority should be the welfare and wellbeing of children. Too often we see them used as a pawn in a messy...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family, Residential Property | 2nd June 2017

The Generation Gap

With the election looming, BBC2’s Newsnight recently dedicated a programme to what issues matter to younger and older voters in the upcoming general election.  It...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family | 13th February 2017

‘Breaking up is (still) hard to do’: A Brexit Divorce...

I was reading some very positive stories in the papers last week about couples who sadly decide to separate but who retain enough respect for...

Julian Waldon

Associate, Family
Family | 13th January 2017

Divorce: who gets to keep the money?

When we are asked to advise a client about their financial claims in a divorce, we must have regard to a series of factors set...

Vanessa McMurtrie

Partner, Family
Family | 3rd January 2017

Getting rocky relationships through tinsel-time

The family-focus of Christmas is often followed in January with news of unhappy couples who decide to call it quits, leading to so-called Divorce Day,...

Sharon Powell

Partner, Head of Family

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