Can you make a Power of Attorney online?

It is possible to make a Power of Attorney online, but whether you should is an entirely different matter. The process of making a Power...

Sue Macleod

Associate, Trusts & Estates
News, Uncategorised | 8th April 2021

Why you need to get proper legal advice.

In a world where so much information is available freely online, do you still need the advice of a lawyer? A simple Google search of...

Elizabeth Larkin

Marketing Manager
Residential Property | 5th October 2018

A quick guide for first time buyers

Buying a home is stressful, especially for first time buyers, so it's wise to do some research to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting...

Francesca Nash

Senior Solicitor, Residential Property
Dispute Resolution | 17th April 2018

On the one hand…on the other hand…

Lawyers, other than those at Hart Brown of course, are not infrequently criticised for sitting on the fence in terms of giving legal advice. Bearing...

Paul Grimwood

Partner & Accredited Mediator